Non-Compete Forms

Non-Compete Forms and Agreements are Important Business Tools

Businesses often must give employees and independent contractors access to confidential details about their business, such as customer contacts, pricing and marketing strategies, and strategic know-how, that were created after expending a significant amount of time and money.

When a former employee starts a competing business or goes to work for a competitor, what they learned goes with them. Many employees use one job as a stepping-stone to create their own competing business. Since people frequently change jobs, it's likely your workers will someday work for a competitor, risking the disclosure of your trade secrets. Non-compete forms which create contractual obligations can help prevent this from occurring.

Types of Non-Compete Terms found in Non-Compete Forms

There are 4 different types of clauses in a non-compete agreement:

  1. An agreement not to work in competition against a former employer
    [not legal in California]

  2. An agreement not to solicit the former employer's customers
    [may not be legal in California]

  3. An agreement not to solicit the former employer's employees

  4. An agreement not to disclose the former employer's trade secrets and confidential information
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All of our forms were prepared for us by a top non-compete attorney specializing in non-compete and trade secret litigation.

Free Bonus

As a free bonus we include the top 10 ways employees try to avoid non-compete agreements. The non-compete forms are in .rtf format - not .pdf - so you can modify the non-compete forms as needed to suit your purpose and to incorporate into your business. Get your non-compete forms now.

Second Bonus

Arbitration Agreements. This somewhat humorous look at arbitration clauses reviews how they can destroy a business and when they should be used. You will want to review this before including an arbitration agreement in your contracts.

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